Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Good day...=)

actually there are a lot of thing that need to be updated...lotssss hokey....some can be share but some not yet...ok..time will tell ok..I give the list then..much easier.:-

- I GOT PIMPLES..LOTS..all over my chin..so hideous..and i got stressed out..its is because my allergicness or what? then..i decide to change my facial wash..n0w..better..s0, i dont suggest u to used  SIMPLE..not simple at all...burok adalah..now i'm using nano white (clay facial wash) . it was GOOd =)

-then, kita ada sesuatu d salun.."majlis doa selamat bersama anak-anak yatim hafiz dan hafizah di ikhtiyar" wahh..panjang haa..alhamdulillah, everything going well eventhough the real plan just nak buat gunting rambut amal untuk anak2 yatim..turn out to be big plak..gunting rambut x jadik p0n..! huhu..its ok..sedap suara bdk2 tu berzikir and bc yassin and everthing..they are so nice and sweet...tgk muka masing2..bersih ja muka..lain dgn muka kita nie..pkai mcm2..x jernih2 p0n...

- n0w, having fever on and off..having bad sore throat smp berdarah kahak..terrible (its ok..cuci dosa..hehe). a bit uncomfortable..but i avoid taking m.c or el..i push myself..everthing just phsychology problems..hahaha...yalah..cuti p0n i left home alone..nobodys to take care of me. at least kat hospital 2..bnyk doktor kan.. my doc suggest me to do blood test to see whether its tiroid..tapi let me finish my antiobiotic first..i still have this kind of phobia with needle...huhu..i hope its nothing bad...fever plz go and dont come back or i have to this bloody blood test..yes..i said it! hhahaha..~

while driving home today, this thing just went into my head...i'm driving kenari, and i owned a kembara then my bf name khairul..i'm dealing with "K" in my life..ok, itu je nak ckp..tQ..haha~

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