Friday, May 29, 2009

gems gempaq

Here i am again...the whole busy 2 month and now finally this big event is coming 2morrow. Lots of stress until some of other company's ceo teased us saying that, there were written on our forehead .." Gems gempaq!!" hahaa..

Friday, May 22, 2009

The day that i can enjoy

All day long merelakskan diri...haha..not curi tulang totally noon i send all the flyers to the newspaper to be publish 2moroow and the next day just selit jer..if u are here in sungai petani area..than if u buy metro, bH or the star than will get our flyer about carnival day ok....

Not much to feel relief, but at least..half way or maybe 60 % percent completed the promotion, the banner akan naik paling lmbt p0n this supposed one month before but in 2.5 month course like this, what can we expect..time to be in our side...nooo..i guess not~

ok.back to my story, this morning i supposed to have tution but i cancelled it because of reasons..maybe after this i will cancelled it forever. After that, i joined naim and his family go to kuala muda to buy some fish(tmpt nelayan naik ikan)..its quite an ordinary since they called it 'bisik ikan' because only the buyer and seller know the price of fish that they asked for by bisik2 between them..then, other buyer will try to bid the price by bisik another price..haha..strange right..maybe some people have seen this scenario but for me, this is my its a bit see peoples behaviour...

Than after that, we went to pick up the flyers that i have sent to be photostated last day and sent it to the newspaper company. We planned to go for karok after that, but naim brother got some problem with their car and couldn't make it on we wondering around town and decide to go CS..and i agreed when naim suggest to watch film...yes..we have watch "night at meseum 2" ...honestly, mmg best..lot of laughter....=4.5 star i should give..and yes..dgn bau ikan..haha~

after finished the movie, we continue it by went to karok..his brother already waiting..and singing pasionate in singing...smp sorang2 pon layan..remind me to intan...Intan, i miss u alot la...lets go karok after this ok..

So thats the end of my day...naim's mother pass me some ikan gelama..dah g0reng p0n td..ikan fresh mst la best...even bukan fav fish..its nice...kesimpulannya, ari nie aku rasa sgt best sbb ada rasa nikmay sau hari cuti yang sebenar..after almost 2 month aku bertungkus lumus lepas sign in program gems nie..even birthday sendiri p0n x sempat balik nak celebrate dgn sendiri p0n merajuk sbb x leh celebrate birthday aweknye..haha ( comel je naim nie..) aku ok jer..dia lak mrajuk...

So, i guess..2morrow, the busy day will start again..

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mengejar haiwan2 itu

Tired? yes..absolutely..sangat..ptt la riyas tolak mentah2 bila aku pujuk join promotion team..dem..sakit 0tak aku..nasib la ada gak org2 yang menyokong aku dengan padunya..thanx kawan2..hehe~

Okay, bila wat tugas2 murni ni biasalah..mcm2 prob..aku malas je nak citer..but actually walaup0n tension..i'm enjoying doing this..setapak ke alam pekerjaan..praktikal dulu wat x ikhlas semata2 nak lengkapkan degree..allowance takat beli sehelai dua seluar..dah hbs..keja mcm 0rg gila..nasib la experience best..bila ingt balik yes..mmg best..but then to join media massa as a practitioner..i still have to think again and over again..why? i dont know..lost of interest maybe..but luckily i still like writting eventhough apa yang aku cakap ni kdg2 mengarut least..aku puas hati..haha..

Malam ni, kami buat aktiviti mengejar anjing..area harvard nie,keliling ladang getah..dan estet..maka bnyk la anjing berkeliaran. Dicampur pulak ramai indians area nie..makin la galak perkembangan haiwan jenis ini...nak djadikan kisah, member aku keta dia x leh start langsung...battery dah weak hbs..maka mereka ingin la meminjam kereta ibuku utk djumperkan bersama. Malangnya, kereta dia manual dan kereta ibuku pula auto..maka kurang menjadi.

Demi menyelesaikan masalah dan ingin membantu kawanku ini pulang ke rumah, maka kami berpakat untuk menolak beramai...sambil menolak sekuat ati kami....haiwan2 yang sedang berehat itup0n lari bertempiaran..kononnya takut dkejar kami..walaup0n ada rasa takut kalau2 tetiba mereka mengganas dan menyerang kami..kami tetap berlagak gagah..haha..maka terjadi la peristiwa mengejar anjing yang sebanyak 3-4 ekor..dan bukan dikejar anjing..apa motif..story nie??

HAhahaaaa..kami bangga mengejar anjing...kah...kah...(dan gelak lagi)...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Through days to Carnival.

Hustle week as morning felt a little bit sick and failed to attend morning value talk. Shame on me. Huhuhu..

This week until 30th of this month, i need to plan how to promote the carnival day and of course have to find lot of sponsors so that we can save more money and gain more profit. Lot of things to plan on, but then just feels that i'm actually not fit for this. Why? maybe lack of experience..knowledge..and + not good in persuading people. Yup..learning is a continuos process and i am learning from experienced people here..

Have to stop now, got more meeting to attend. plz do support me..

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Things here getting more and more hectic by days. The level of stress also increasess rapidly. The carnival day just left only around 3 weeks and i myself cannot do much in promotion and sponsors yet. Now i know how hard it is..before this i always salute Intan for doing such a great job on our sponsors for our Kolokium day..huhu, i wish u were here Intan. Of course u can help me kan2 Intan kan?? hehehe...

Before this Intan asked about post about her..INTAN..before this, there so much post about you kan...Special edition also got...greedy you ha..just once for buc now you get jelous meh?

Guys, and girls for all people who reading my blog..i would to promote our carnival day at carnival waterpark ;
~on 30th May 2009 from 8.30am. to 6 pm.
~Our theme will be more focus on sports, but there will be also exibitions on education and other, blood donation ( which always favor intan except me), children coloring contest, singing.
~For participation on booth we will give minimum charge for the space.
~Regarding sports activities, we will be having futsal, paintball, netball, sepak takraw, and also basketball. All this activities will be charge depends on the cost each activities, however for Futsal we are offering RM 1 K for first prize with only RM 11o per team for registration.
~Early birds will be first entertained since we have limit 30 team for the participation because of time consuming.

So if interested, feel free to contact me

Shafawati (Shafa) - 019-4764586

Saturday, May 2, 2009

These days

First of all, i would like to say..lots of sorry..i do felt regret coz i dont even have enough time to write nowadays. Sori friends..especially mr buck, recently post a warning at my chatbox..
"update plzzzzz..."

hehe..very sori..never thought i do have fan..

u all must be already informed that i am under a training scheme called GEMS..i'm learning a lot here..just finished 2 weeks which full of taks..for business english class.

"You so terrible.."
"The Great Shafa!"

some of new shout out of my english tutor trademark..and another one...." I'm very dissapointed with u guys..." i care?? 2 miserable week finally end..everyone feels relieved..phewww... now everyone look alive again...=)

Why? haaaa...they give us alot of task..+ boring..=Setting up a company and create a product which is we have done that once we have entered this program..we all have been divided and already set up our own company...suddenly, we have have to be separated depend on our english level(which is not..since secretariat have mixed up the result sesuka ati!!!). There are too much presentation...they teached us grammar again..(b0san!! )and now my english like so berterabur ok..mixed up..confused. i should say, she is not a good tutor..because we never feel comfortable with her...but there is sometg good about her..she always challenge us..especially me..

I still remember that she said that i am talented but i hide myself..i always take things easy..which is true..(i surprised actually since she always pissed me off by calling me "the great shafa!") now i get it...she actually wants me to be better..however, i do still mad about that..! i'm so s0rii miss Angie..(she called herself angelina jolie..bwahahaha)

Last 2 day, we are having a Talent Day, i became the emcee..lots of mistake happened..but, learning is a process..i do been praised, and also the other way...we do have fun..singging, laughing..because finally, we dont have to be afraid to talk in our mother tounge language..wahaha..

however, the screaming that told us to talk in english will still become a nightmare sometimes..(the effect..actually more to phobia). They cried out like histeriatic person when they heard we talk in bahasa in front of them...huhu..very depressing..! everyday we have to do a progress check our english improvement, and attend b0ring class..from 9 to 5..and rehearsal of talent day on everynight + meeting on business class homework or assignment..(like working 24 hours a day.)

What i do to coop with all those things..? i play table tennis..not expert, but now i can play well..haha..we girls dont have chance to terjun kolam since the guys always conqured it, this is the only way we can released the stress. (Kolam kat sini x leh mandi malam..damned! dekat ngan looby, pak guard slalu round..dont even have chance to be dugong terdampar..hehe)

This week we will be having office management and office operation clas..hope, not much asignment to do..till then, daaa

this post is specially for buc..=)



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