Saturday, March 24, 2012

saje mmg suka bebel

Hello readers,

How u guys been doing so far? mine? hahaha...been to lots of kenduri last school holiday. Get laugh and fun and also get buncit by nasi kenduri then sakit perut..hahahaha~

there is few more kenduri coming..more close friend getting married. Me? just not yet...sometimes rasa mcm dah tua bangka p0n ada bila all this teman sepermainan ni kawen but, well u know it just my look tells that : "i am school girl!" hahahaha....please dont get offended.

Last week, last day, today...nothing much happened and happens. Me just the way it is...sometimes rajin sometimes so malas ya rabbi..sometimes got money to spend and sometimes get broke what 2 d0, kasi pau laaa the nearest people...lalalala~

yeah, still working in this bloody place ( bcoz a lot of blood here dowh). Sometime yes, its fun to be here..and sometimes like hell...but lately, those person not intefering my life anymore or learnt how to repect others maybe. Somehow, the perangai buruk were still there just jadi baik sekejap masa asyik kena terjah lawatan mengejut dr pdn and so on. Now, back to square one again and become the menyampah person again!

Ok, stop bubbling about those annoyings.

New story, i nak beli keta nie....impian ku ford fiesta, bila nak boleh beli ntah? poket kering je memanjang...duit nak kawen p0n x kumpul lagi...hahaha~

cantik kan?? i nak warna biruuuuuu....sesapa nak sponsor di alu-alukan..^_^



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