Thursday, August 13, 2009

my dream job

good evening lifes nowadays changed...not a lot..but d0es change...but alhamdulillah..everything happened for reasons right? its getting better and better...i believed, i have made a correct decision to be here. What i need to do is, to be strong and determined in whatever i dream of.. i thank Allah to let me be who am i 2day, even for the hardship i've need to go through..its worth it.

S0me friends did noticed the way i expressing myself when i talked about my work. they said i look happy and passionate. Well, i do feel happy to be here..and the day that i need to let go off this position would be the saddest day in my life i guess..i always looking for a job that i like 2 i have found here..corporate, at MRCB..its fun..with good surrounding, enviroment. good boss ( even sometimes do annoyed-well, she's the boss..that's what she do), good seniors and clique..hah..working time that flexbile...


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