Friday, August 14, 2009

my dream job 2

if last day i say this dept is the best..2 day, i want to say the other way..not because of the dept or or the job..but the clique...ces..really annoyed me...he is the senior manager..s0 i have to keep in silent...dem..i wish i could yell at him..but in the end..i keep down my voive and keep the anger inside.

Wut happened?? huh...he told me last 2 weeks 2 write a report to be submitted in PM award CSR report. so, try to do it..then i found that, the report shouldnt be written by a person who is lack of knowledge about the company. Quite surprised when i know about this..but then i still tried to do it..until a the certain p0int..i feel tired writting the same thing..because of the fact that..i dont much about the business..and i can feel that i'm am n0t capable of doing this...the responsibility given is too much...

2day..he tried to bring up the issue, when am i going to finished it?..i said..i have done whatever i can..but i think, its better for u to write it yourself..and i asked him to sign my attandance sheet since i have to submit to HR...the he said, finish it first!!...then i will sign...( it will not bring any harm if he sign it first..) and now he pissed me off...i refuse to talk to him the whole day..and now..he menggelabah...serve him right!..

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