Friday, May 22, 2009

The day that i can enjoy

All day long merelakskan diri...haha..not curi tulang totally noon i send all the flyers to the newspaper to be publish 2moroow and the next day just selit jer..if u are here in sungai petani area..than if u buy metro, bH or the star than will get our flyer about carnival day ok....

Not much to feel relief, but at least..half way or maybe 60 % percent completed the promotion, the banner akan naik paling lmbt p0n this supposed one month before but in 2.5 month course like this, what can we expect..time to be in our side...nooo..i guess not~

ok.back to my story, this morning i supposed to have tution but i cancelled it because of reasons..maybe after this i will cancelled it forever. After that, i joined naim and his family go to kuala muda to buy some fish(tmpt nelayan naik ikan)..its quite an ordinary since they called it 'bisik ikan' because only the buyer and seller know the price of fish that they asked for by bisik2 between them..then, other buyer will try to bid the price by bisik another price..haha..strange right..maybe some people have seen this scenario but for me, this is my its a bit see peoples behaviour...

Than after that, we went to pick up the flyers that i have sent to be photostated last day and sent it to the newspaper company. We planned to go for karok after that, but naim brother got some problem with their car and couldn't make it on we wondering around town and decide to go CS..and i agreed when naim suggest to watch film...yes..we have watch "night at meseum 2" ...honestly, mmg best..lot of laughter....=4.5 star i should give..and yes..dgn bau ikan..haha~

after finished the movie, we continue it by went to karok..his brother already waiting..and singing pasionate in singing...smp sorang2 pon layan..remind me to intan...Intan, i miss u alot la...lets go karok after this ok..

So thats the end of my day...naim's mother pass me some ikan gelama..dah g0reng p0n td..ikan fresh mst la best...even bukan fav fish..its nice...kesimpulannya, ari nie aku rasa sgt best sbb ada rasa nikmay sau hari cuti yang sebenar..after almost 2 month aku bertungkus lumus lepas sign in program gems nie..even birthday sendiri p0n x sempat balik nak celebrate dgn sendiri p0n merajuk sbb x leh celebrate birthday aweknye..haha ( comel je naim nie..) aku ok jer..dia lak mrajuk...

So, i guess..2morrow, the busy day will start again..

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cik intan on May 24, 2009 at 3:58 AM said...

hei! hoyeh! balik awal la..aku ade voucher rm40 redbox sampai 31 mei ni ja!

wek yaH mula berleter... on May 29, 2009 at 8:56 AM said...

ok..x dak hal..30 mlm aku gerak ke kL...jumpa dsana2...hehe~

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