Saturday, May 2, 2009

These days

First of all, i would like to say..lots of sorry..i do felt regret coz i dont even have enough time to write nowadays. Sori friends..especially mr buck, recently post a warning at my chatbox..
"update plzzzzz..."

hehe..very sori..never thought i do have fan..

u all must be already informed that i am under a training scheme called GEMS..i'm learning a lot here..just finished 2 weeks which full of taks..for business english class.

"You so terrible.."
"The Great Shafa!"

some of new shout out of my english tutor trademark..and another one...." I'm very dissapointed with u guys..." i care?? 2 miserable week finally end..everyone feels relieved..phewww... now everyone look alive again...=)

Why? haaaa...they give us alot of task..+ boring..=Setting up a company and create a product which is we have done that once we have entered this program..we all have been divided and already set up our own company...suddenly, we have have to be separated depend on our english level(which is not..since secretariat have mixed up the result sesuka ati!!!). There are too much presentation...they teached us grammar again..(b0san!! )and now my english like so berterabur ok..mixed up..confused. i should say, she is not a good tutor..because we never feel comfortable with her...but there is sometg good about her..she always challenge us..especially me..

I still remember that she said that i am talented but i hide myself..i always take things easy..which is true..(i surprised actually since she always pissed me off by calling me "the great shafa!") now i get it...she actually wants me to be better..however, i do still mad about that..! i'm so s0rii miss Angie..(she called herself angelina jolie..bwahahaha)

Last 2 day, we are having a Talent Day, i became the emcee..lots of mistake happened..but, learning is a process..i do been praised, and also the other way...we do have fun..singging, laughing..because finally, we dont have to be afraid to talk in our mother tounge language..wahaha..

however, the screaming that told us to talk in english will still become a nightmare sometimes..(the effect..actually more to phobia). They cried out like histeriatic person when they heard we talk in bahasa in front of them...huhu..very depressing..! everyday we have to do a progress check our english improvement, and attend b0ring class..from 9 to 5..and rehearsal of talent day on everynight + meeting on business class homework or assignment..(like working 24 hours a day.)

What i do to coop with all those things..? i play table tennis..not expert, but now i can play well..haha..we girls dont have chance to terjun kolam since the guys always conqured it, this is the only way we can released the stress. (Kolam kat sini x leh mandi malam..damned! dekat ngan looby, pak guard slalu round..dont even have chance to be dugong terdampar..hehe)

This week we will be having office management and office operation clas..hope, not much asignment to do..till then, daaa

this post is specially for buc..=)

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Blossoming Rose on May 4, 2009 at 6:37 AM said...

lebih kurang mcm kite punye training gak,huhhuhu...

sumtimes kebanyakannya beshhhhh =)

buck on May 4, 2009 at 7:19 PM said... ini utk sya...tq7

cik intan on May 6, 2009 at 9:22 PM said...

post utk saya mane? huhuhu..

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