Thursday, November 25, 2010

A n0vel review

Huh~..internet sgt lembap..along kejanya mend0wnload dr smlm..uishh..sgt sakit ati...0leh kerana perasaan ingn menulis sdg membuak-buak maka, diteruskannya juga niat walaup0n n0ta ini terpksa dicatit dtempat lain dahulu..hahaha..

0k..perkara pertama, yesss...saya sdh hbskan me

mbca n0vel “Pictures of Lily”...from Paige T0on walaup0n slpas membelinya ia dpndg sepi buat seminggu..and, a week after that..i finished it..been reading it..a l0t...(n0t much things 2 d0..duit elaun keja sunsilk p0n dah nak


Why did i bought it at the first place?? well...been reading malay n0vels..Ramlee Awang Murshid a l0t lately..just nak tukar angin..and i did bought the most expensive ever!! ok..d0nt asked..haha..~

ok..why novel 2...ahah! suka ati i owh..sebnrnya..because i want to let my mind blewn away fr0m the 5 years ago guy..event the truth is..i keeps me remind of him..but...yup, there is but there...i'm n0t really madly in l0ve with him 5 years ago..what i feel n0w is just guilt because of leaving him suddenly. i just cant lied 2 myself that time that i want 2 spent my whole life with him..look at him n0w..he just d0nt need me then..all he need is himself..leaving the right decision that i made. there...its n0t love..that i feels for him it?? urghhh..~

well..the novel..yup..st0ry telling is superb..and i manage to learn new words and keep up my english sbb x dgunakan sehari2..its good..(and buat seketika, lupa pada 5 years ago guy). when it c0me to the endingnya..saya sgt kecewa..she just could stay with Richard..they've been 2gether for 2 years and the are engaged already...haiyooo~

Lily pilih yang lama...first crush dia..h0ho...(pada saya ia sgt kejam)...sbb Richard (tunangnya) sgt kecewa dan jatuh terjelep0k. she said, she love richard..but she love Ben more..(nak tnya gak mcm mana dia leh ukur ek) hehe..~

Ben, lebih tua dr 12 tahun dan dia jtuh cinta pada Ben sejak umur dia..15 turning to 16...haiy00...that time Ben trpaksa lupakan Lily sbb she’s too young...and Ben already engaged to s0meb0dy...walaup0n Ben sendiri c0nfused dgn tindakan dia..dia yakin Lily hanya cinta m0nyet je ngan dia...the truth is..x..after Ben left...she deserted..l0st...dia brubah jadi s0meb0dy yg lain...turning 360 degrees..sgt kesian..sbb Ben mcm sumber inspirasi dia....

And with Richard..he’s a good guy..but dia x penah supp0rt Lily mcm mana Ben buat...walaup0n Richard ni sgt sygkan Lily...well..hands0me, kaya, charming lagi.... smtg wr0ng...he never understand her...lbh kurang Richard nie terlbh realistic pemikrnnya...x brape nak r0mantik la...pmpn kan suka lelaki yg r0mantic..for the n0te: he is and engineer...thats why la k0t...relati0nship aku dgn mamat2 engineer never w0rked out..hahaha~ and when Richard proposed...dia hesitate 2 say yes..but n0t 2 hurt him..she did say Yes..

Then, after 10 years..they met again..( sbb dlm kepala Lily since Richard propose, dia asyik pikirkan Ben jer..dan sentiasa cari jalan mcm mana nak cr Ben..)this time..Ben already divorce..he’s free but n0t Lily, not anym0re...she’s g0t c0nfused...she l0ve both of them...but love Ben more...since they met...Lily become the old she again..she starts 2 d0 things that she used to love doing..( remind me..why did i hate journalism so much..n0t because i hated it because i want 2..but i wanted 2 run away...yes, people tend to ignore things that remind them to things that they lost..same with me here..n0w..i know why...) and Richard starts to c0mplaining h0w she is changing..the truth..that is what she used 2 be..her interest in photo,animals..starts to gr0w again..and Ben keep encouraging her...but n0t Richard..he said, its 2 late for her 2 start things..and she is dreaming..(sgt2 x encourage ok..)

Everytime Lily jumpa Ben,kiranya mcm dlm hati ada taman..ada electric sh0ck, tapi dgn Richard nope..sbb 2 la Lily asyik fikir Ben after Richard ajak dia kwen. S0, at s0me point, Lily dah x sanggup simpan..dan dia explain dgn both of them...and go away, to make decision..

Dlm fikiran Lily, skrg dia dah dah ada everthg, good friends..good bakal family in laws..nice home..and not 2 f0rget..bakal future yg bgus dgn publishing c0mpany..if dia pilih Ben, semua yg dia ada akan hilang..sbb kwn2 baik dia, kwn2 baik Richard jugak..dan if dia follow Ben, dia kena tinggalkan semua 2..

s0 guess what..she chosed Ben..the old guy instead the young, handsome, rich, and 2 years fiancé...why??

Sbb Lily kata, dr dulu lagi..HATI DIA MMG MILIK BEN...h0ho..cinta sgt2 kejam..

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