Thursday, September 30, 2010

the puzzles in mind

Life d0es not running the same when u choose the wr0ng path. Running a business w0n't be the same when u received monthly salary and.. keeping it runs well is another issue that need to be noted.

I've choosed this..thou, i haven't place the fullst0p on it. I rather be something else than this..something that i wish to be since i was a child. well, dreams..wishes...and ambitions..clearly, this wasn't part of it. Its not that i regret it..well..slig
htly, but day by day...kind enjoying it...i likes 2 see people smiling after their hair was d0ne..the looks of satisfying their hopes...their wishes...i feels like angel sometimes...heee..=)

Yeah, the puzzles..when will i ever going to solve there any job out there that fits me well?..fits my child dreams...reporting absolutely something that need to be noted on...but having it as career...need to reconsider...n0pe..

people says, i'm i? still young and have business to run on..0wh, no i'm n0t if that they wish to i've said..running a business wasn't the same when living on m0nthly salary..i rather be in their shoes... what all u've n0t always what u think...yes, its true...ckp senang la..buat teng0k...

blaaa...blaa...blaa...keep whining and whining everyday h0w the business took my entire life...everyday, just thinking h0w's t0 make it run well...everynight keeps thinking and dreaming h0w's i could gain m0re pr0fit...h0w i could sustains the business inc0me...0wh..dem..and feels like i wish if i could just sell it and finds s0mething else 2 d0...i also have my 0wn needs...priorities....if...this decision i havent life...maybe different..better..or worst?? that puzzles...i let it be unsolved...what to decide are decisions..2day...and soon...i h0pe my life would be better because of what i did 2day....=))

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