Friday, June 19, 2009


16 june 2009...the day we graduated under GEMS program...the day that we will remember..this is all the MELLIFERA SDN BHD members...we come and we share all the memories together..sweet and bitter...the worship..the succes..i love and inspired by them all...


Priceless scrolls are in our hand,
Sweat of hardship such a long to remind,
The nation need us, too much to be done,
Lets get down cause it payback time.

Like gemstone (beautiful and priceless),
Each one is special, own color and space,
Strong, powerfull and full of goodness,
Ready to be used bringing life and grace.

Courage, Strengh and determination,
Got to be strong if we wanna break through,
Confidence, dicipline and moderation,
The world leaders so let shine through.

If we fall, jut got stand up
Failure is sucess
Lesson well learned
Go on climbing just dont ever stop
Trust ourselves, we'll be on track again,

Once you there,
Humble yourself,
Taking deep breath to face new day,
Together we stand and pray to be blessed,
Leaders tomorrow...we here to stay...

from the beginning:-
ommy, echah, fairuz, sofea, wan, aty, dayah, fiza, fai, baya, aimi, niza, melur, ida, riyas, sue, meera, fifah, mun, hasbullah, cerum, mat noor, akhira, mari, miza, me, faezah, azmeerah, and irwan(the big boss)

i'm not sure why some photos gone missing and our class member which is supposed to be 30..come only 29...who is missing here?? i have no idea..jenuh pikior...

ahah...i know..nadz not here...haiyaaa..~

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sha@emtee on June 21, 2009 at 12:51 AM said...

thanks for the pic..hihih

wek yaH mula berleter... on July 6, 2009 at 3:17 AM said...

orite..kecik nye hal..

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